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Part of the Social Experiment aspect of this documentary is that the entire endeavor is funded solely by the money Project Highway makes from performing, showcasing venues, and donations; they are literally working their way across America.


Traveling with their own sound equipment, all you need to provide is a warm welcome!


Every performance is filmed, and each business will appear in the episode for the corresponding city/state. Filmed interviews of patrons, staff, and management are no only acceptable, but encouraged.


This is a fun opportunity for your establishment to get unique local advertising and nationwide exposure.











$1500* plus one meal each (if the venue has a kitchen) and non-alcoholic drinks. Cash is preferred, but they can take checks upon pre-approval and under certain circumstances.


In the instance where a business requests to be the only venue Project Highway books for a filming/performing appearance in that area, that can be arranged for an additional cost. Please

mention that at time of booking.


If multiple venues are held by the same owner, and they wish to book multiple shows, a combination discount will be given.


* Special rates apply to venues booked from a previous referral





Prices vary depending on scope of event. Fundraisers, birthday parties, or just a night of fun, Project Highway has you covered!




Project Highway can bring a unique and memorable way to show employee appreciation with comedy luncheon/dinners and "morale building" events. Contact us about having us perform in your store, office, or even break-room; the possibilities are endless, we seek out the unusual!

Prices vary depending on many factors, please contact us to discuss your needs.




We love performing for private parties and can provide references.  Please contact us with your details; prices vary depending on your individual needs and requirements.









All *businesses have the option of having us create an individualized promotional video showcasing your establishment, to appear in addition to regular footage in a Project Highway episode.


This video will also appear on the PH website, under the corresponding city/state, and you will receive a YouTube link, as well as the video file in the format of your choice to use however you wish.


* There is a limit of Showcase Videos per city, so you will definitely stand out!


COST: $500 and up


Barb and Mike tailor their stand-up comedy to fit the audience. They can perform clean, family-friendly sets, or more adult oriented material; whatever is most suited to a particular crowd.  The shows typically last from 60 to 90 minutes, however they can go longer if the audience is particularly engaging.




Project Highway wants to keep each show and appearance as organic and "real" as possible, which is why they take the unconventional approach of not booking months in advance. Project Highway engages a professional Social Media Marketing team that will advertise your place of business on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,  of up to one-million groups and pages. Your business will be included in such "blasts" beginning at the time you book Project Highway, and will be on-going from that point on.  The advertising of your venue in conjunction with Project Highway does not end once the show at your venue is over.


 In some cases, local media such as newspaper and radio interviews and articles will be involved, and shows will be mentioned, including contact information and day and time of show.


Project Highway does not pass out flyers and posters, however, you will be provided a customized flyer at the time a booking confirmation is received for you to display and pass out as you see fit.

Use the form below to book Project Highway

or call Barbara Perez at 970-580-9095

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