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Critical to the success of Project Highway are the two comedians.
Their appeal to the viewing audience lies in the fact they will be traveling together in a cramped vehicle despite being completely opposite in temperaments and backgrounds. Barbara is a free-spirit, with an outgoing personality, comfortable with the outdoors and deals with anything that comes her way with a smile, while Mike is a New Jersey native who is cynical and regimented, finding himself much more at home in an urban environment than in nature.
Both have fully committed themselves to Project Highway and they are ready for a life on the road, traveling by vehicle around the country, never sure what they will be encountering each day.


As the youngest of two children from her father’s first marriage, Barbara spent her childhood divided, living between her parents; from rural Colorado under her mother’s staunch Pentecostal watch, to her alcoholic father’s home situated in the heart of Denver's Northside, one of the city's toughest neighborhoods.


A non-conformist, she found herself constantly out-of place, but always she found her solace in people. Believing everyone has a fascinating story, no matter where she is Barbara can be found chatting up strangers.  Whether it’s the check-out clerk at the grocery store, or sharing a stoop with any of NYC’s homeless, the one place Barbara felt at ease was in the company of people, listening to other’s talk about their lives. 


Searching for a life that fit, Barbara Perez spent most of her time trying to discover herself until she finally yielded to what she knew was always her calling, a career in stand-up comedy.  Since then, she won Denver’s Top Comic in 2010; is a regular in major comedy clubs while living in NYC, such as Gotham Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club; and hosted the weekly hit, WazeOutRadio's“Comic-To-Comic” where she interviewed some of the biggest up and coming names in the Stand Up Comedy world: The Greg Wilson, Joe Materese, Joey Gay, Mike Britt, and Vanessa Hollingshead.


In addition to being a nationally touring comedian, Barbara is also an On-Air Performer for United Stations Radio Networks, and she has appeared on ABC's "The Revolution" and  NYCLife Television. Most recently, She won 2014 "Host Of the Year"  for Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting.




Mike Motz is a veteran of the NYC comedy scene who has performed at the top comedy clubs in the city.  In his mid-30’s he left the corporate world behind to pursue his dream of being a comedian, and he hasn’t looked back.  Now a veteran with many years of experience, he’s decided to travel the country and build his fan base by performing anywhere and everywhere.
The youngest of three children, Mike grew up in the suburbs of central New Jersey in the 70’s and 80’s.  A State Champion athlete in High School, Mike won an athletic scholarship to Rutgers University from where he graduated in 1990.  After college, Mike held a series of corporate sales positions, started up a few small business, then eventually focused completely on his comedy career.  
In addition to performing at popular NYC comedy clubs, Mike co-starred for over four years in the hit off-Broadway show “The Complete Performer”, and is also a senior member of internationally acclaimed Nat Turner Revue Improv Group. He is also an On-Air Performer for United Stations Radio Networks, served as the official Spokes Comic for sports and leisurewear provider Bowling Concepts, and is a contributor to the satiric online news site “What Exit NJ?”.
Mike has appeared on and Discovery ID Channel.




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