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Project Highway

                           Project Highway is the journey

                       of two professional stand-up comedians,

                    Barbara Perez and Mike Motz. They are

                enduring the hardships and uncertainty of

             living on the road in order to meet and

          perform  for people in all 50 states, building their        fan bases the old fashioned way - getting out

     there and meeting them one at a time. 


  The entire Project Highway journey is being 

 documented for broadcast.


 To date, Project Highway has highlighted almost 300 businesses local to the areas they visit, as well as having produced numerous individual "Spotlight" videos. It is the intention of Project Highway to spread the message of the plight of the American small business owner, and to encourage people to seek out and support local, American businesses.  By showcasing examples of these unique places, Project Highway intends to remind people that America was built on people pursuing their dreams, and it is more important than ever that we as Americans support each other.

Performing their hilarious stand-up comedy is only one aspect of Project Highway; they interview people with inspiring stories along the way. They desire to bring back into focus the importance of people supporting locally-owned businesses, interacting with each other,

 and  how it is possible to achieve your dreams when 

   operating fully in Faith.


         Unlike the majority of "reality" television shows 

            that give viewers an unrealistic look at life,  

                Project Highway puts on no pretenses; it is

                  raw and it is real.  Their aim is to stand as an

                      example that no matter your background

                           or perceived disadvantages, once you

                               take that first step towards following

                                     your heart and chasing your 

                                       dreams, regardless of what that

                                             dream may be, achievement

                                                     and success is not only

                                                                    possible,  it is 


Project Highway Promo - 2014

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